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Who we are

KC was founded in 2010 as a manufacturer providing customized photo chemical etching thin metal parts to many different markets, including consummer electronics, automotive and decorative etching.

In the photochemical etching field, technology is one of the most important factors that satisfy customers. KC Etching has always been committing in the technical improvement and dealing with problems during production. Our efforts are paid by streamlined processes, desired quality.

For customer, dimension tolerance is the core quality requirement. We know this matters and never delivered products which are out of tolerance to our customers. In this way, we have accumulated good reputation in the custom metal etching industry and won the businesses from Apple, Samsung, Philips and so on.

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Photo Etched Metal Parts We make

Custom thin metal parts we etch can accommodate a wide range of applications. From copper vapor chamber to encoder, to fine screens, to flat spring, to coffee filter, and other thin parts that require tight tolerances fine details, KC etching has wide-ranging capabilities.

Our high accuracy chemical machining processes enable us to produce custom parts based on customers’ own designs. Here is a list of our etching metal:

LED Table Lamp

Etched Metal Bookmark

Rotary Candle Holder

Vapor Chamber for Cell Phone

Speaker Grills

Custom Thin Metal Parts

Metals We Used in Etching

Stainless steel



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We’ve been in this industry for over 10 years and quite professional and confident to meet your demand