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The Etchant of Photo Chemical Machining Industry Ferric Chloride

The 1980s saw the end of ferric chloride as a significant etchant in the printed circuit industry. The PCM industry remains reliant on lerric chloride for the majority of its etching requirements. Ferric chloride etchants became a commodity in the 1980s as a suitable product was made available by many producers. The disposal of spent […]

The Factors Impact Etching Precision

Etching processing is a customized machining method for thin metals. For some parts with high precision requirements, the tolerance is tight. The following content will let you know what factors are related to machining accuracy. Metal material Different materials have different etching effects and etching rates under different chemical conditions. Such as stainless steel and […]

Why Choose Photo Etching for Bipolar Plate

The bipolar plate, also known as the collector plate, is one of the important components of the fuel cell. It has the following functions and properties: separating fuel and oxidant, preventing gas from permeating; collecting and conducting electricity current, with high conductivity; designing and processing flow channels can evenly distribute gas to the reaction layer […]

Two Chemical Etching Methods for Metal Etching

Etched Metal

There are two main types of metal etching processes according to the contact form between metal and etchant, namely spraying etching and immersing etching. How to choose the right way for your etched metal? We will make the decision for you, there are two principles for the selection of the etching. Let’s comparing the advantages […]