Decoration Etching

Photo chemical etching is not only for making thin meal parts with tight tolerance, it can also serve for decorative etching, which is beautiful and creative jobs. The etching process allows us to create complex and delicate ornaments. With photo etching, we can produce:

  • Large size garland
  • Bracelet with fine details
  • Custom logos
  • Brass ornament
  • Bookmark
  • Jewelry
  • Nameplate
  • Signs and graphics
  • Christmas ornament
  • Rotary Candle Holder

And more

Etched metal ornaments and bookmarks for fundraising, custom jewelry, special logo and many other pieces for your unique applications are all available to produce with the versatile etching process.

Customers’ requirement are achievable in the etching process. From the raw material and surface finish, there are a lot of options, including brass, stainless steel, aluminum, plating, printing, painting, PVD, brushing, just tell us your need and your budget, we can make it.

Why choose us for your etched metal ornament?

The photo etching process enables us to focus on high quality and flexibility. We have been in photo etching segment for over ten years.

We are trusted because of our:

  • Free consultations with professional suggests: we will assist customers from the rough drawings, assure every detail is what you want. And with your budget, we will recommend the most appropriate material and surface finish, which are the main cost factors. The above service is free, you can get professional advice from us for free.
  • One-stop service: we offer a variety of value added services to get your ornaments finish quickly. In-house stamping and laser cutting, printing, plating, PVD, welding, brushing, we can provide all these processes.

Learn more about our decorative etching services and etching process, please don’t hesitate to submit your question online or send us emails.

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