Artwork We Prefer

. CAD file with DWG or DXF is the most appropriate drawing for us, PDF, Step Adobe Illustrator is also acceptable.

General Size information

  • Hole size can not be less than material thickness.
  • The remaining web width between holes can not be less than thickness.
  • Our maximum size is 600*800mm.
  • Our maximum thickness is 1mm.
  • Our minimum thickness is 0.03mm.

Standard Tolerances

Material Thickness


Hole Size

Remaining Web Width







110% thickness

110% thickness



110% thickness

110 % thickness


±15% thickness

110% thickness

110 % thickness

Component Tags

Tags are connection between metal sheet and etching parts. We can make products without tag, but normally with tag is the most ordinary way. There are four tag patterns we can do, different tag has different application.

1, Protruding tag:

the tag does not affect the surface area of the part, used by thin and plated items, will be cut manually.

Design Guideline 1

2, Half-etch protruding tag:

 This aids component removing from the metal sheet easily, used by thick metal piece, will be cut manually.

Design Guideline 2

3, Recess tag:

  it is used when protruding is not allowed, most of chemical etching parts are using this tag.

Design Guideline 3

4, Recess tag on one side:

  This tag can only be seen on the back side, used by exterior parts.

Design Guideline 4

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