Metal List in The Etching Process

metal listOne of the advantages is the abundant choice of material. Almost all metals with any hardness can be etched. The thickness ranges from 0.03 to 2.00mm.                                   

We can etch the thickness from 0.03 to 1.0mm. Stainless steel and copper alloy are the commonly used material in our factory. There are the following metal pattern available for etching in stock.

Stainless steel Alloys

304: most widely used material in photo chemical etching process, corrosion-resist, heat-resist, good machinability, safe for food, can be welded.

316: contained more nickel than 304 and 2%-3% molybdenum, higher resistant to corrosion, good choice for food and medical applications.

317 stainless steel: contains 3%-4% molybdenum, and more chromium than 316, more corrosive resistant and better performance in crack erosion.

430: good corrosion resistance, better thermal conductivity and lower thermal expansion than austenite stainless steel.

410: good corrosion resistance, mechanical processability, used for blade and valve

420:  abrasion-resist, high hardness, used for a variety of precision machinery.

The listed types are common used material in our photo etching process, if you need other types, we can also etch. We handle the whole etching from CAD drawing to finished metal parts in house.

We can also provide one-stop service, such as stamping, plating, welding and laser cutting, send us an inquiry or call us 86-769-87325888.

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