Photo Chemical Etching and 5G Mobile Phone

Photo Chemical Etching and 5G Mobile Phone

Our factory is here to provide you with expert photo etching (photo chemical machining) service in the consumer industry. Besides its wide range of applications, the origin of photochemical etching is unknown to most people. Let us give you a brief dig into the topic photo etching, and how it will enhance your experience.

What is photo chemical etching? It  is a chemical milling process to make sheet metal with high accuracy demand by using etchant. This industrial process is quite unfamiliar to us. But it has something to do with us indeed. For example, we can not leave our smart phone nowadays, this versatile little thing, it is becoming thinner and thinner with more functions.  Some times, you can feel yours is heated after you play a mobile game. Yes, thinner mobile is getting a cooling problem, especially for the 5G phone. But no worry, we’ve solved the problem.

There is a etching copper part, vapor chamber, working as the liquid-cooling system inside mobile phone.  Its working principle looks like the following image.

Photo Chemical Etching and 5G Mobile Phone 3

The heat of mobile vaporizes the water in vapor chamber and flows under the action of the pressure difference.  The flowing vapor becomes water again after contacting the cooler surface of vapor chamber. This vaporizing and liquefying process disperses the heat and eliminates hot spots, supports the high-performance operation of devices, enables consumers to use it comfortably.

See, our etching liquid-cooling copper vapor chamber is working for your mobile device. Since it is interior parts, you can not see it. In fact, the PCM process produces a lot of parts for the consumer electronic industry. PCM is not the only method to make these metal parts, but why it is so widely used? From the economic factor,  PCM is a cost-efficient fabrication way.  First, low cost tooling catches product manager’s eyes. All the tooling is generated via CAD software in a short time. Comparing with the hard tooling, PCM cost just a few dollars, just a film charge.

Second, low modification cost. If customers want to change any details, they will not be punished by expensive cost. Just update the CAD file and make one more film.

Third, high efficiency. Etching metal sample can be finished in 24 hours, we can make 100000sets in mass production each day.

Forth, high precision. Etching tolerance is measured by micron. If you don’t have any ideas about this concept, think about the diameter of your hair, one micron is only one tenth of it.

Fifth, there are other advantages, such as no burrs, more options of law material,  remaining the properties of metal and so on.

We are good at fabricating vapor chambers, to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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