Etching Process

Making Artwork

Received customers drawings, our artwork engineers will check all the details and make some changing if necessary. This is digital work on computer. Once the revised artwork is approved by customer, we will generate the film.

Etching Process 1

Metal selection

We select material according to customers’specification, such as metal classification and thickness. In order to get better yield, we will choose smaller sheet size for precision parts.

Etching Process 2


The picked metal sheet is cleaned for the photo resist coating purpose. Clean surface, means without grease and wax, is necessary for firm resist coating.

Etching Process 3

Photo resist coating

Light-sensitive resist is printed on the metals. This process has to be proceeded in a dust-free workshop. Dust dropping on the material, will cause defective goods.

Etching Process 4


The resist- coated metal sheet is put between two pieces mylar films, then the UV light exposes through the film. The resist on transparent is harden by UV light, but the black area will not. 

Etching Process 5


The resist on black area, which is the unexposed part, is removed to show the raw material. The transparent area,  photoresist maintains, which is protecting metals during etching. Developing is the process washing the unwanted resist away.

The Etching Process


Etchant, the chemical liquid is sprayed on the developed metal sheet from up and bottom side, which we call both-side etching. Different metal with tight tolerance, the etchant will be adjusted by our etching technicians, some of them have worked in this field for ten years.

Etching Process 7


After etching, metals need to be cleaned. Photo resist is washed away, we call it stripping. This is the last step the whole etching process.

Etching Process 8


For high precision thin metal components, tolerance-qualified is a important standard. Our auto image measuring apparatus checks dimension and provides inspection report. The parts within correct size tolerance are proceeded with appearance checking, in order to make sure everything is all right for customers.

Etching Process 9