Two Chemical Etching Methods for Metal Etching

Etched Metal

There are two main types of metal etching processes according to the contact form between metal and etchant, namely spraying etching and immersing etching. How to choose the right way for your etched metal? We will make the decision for you, there are two principles for the selection of the etching.

Let’s comparing the advantages of two metal etching types.

1. Production capacity: spraying etching is more efficient, high speed and high precision, so it is suitable for a certain batch of production, which is easier to automate. But the equipment investment for such an etching is large, and it is not suitable for the etching of special-shaped  and large products. Immersion etching equipment requires less investment, is convenient for a wide range of metal pieces, but it is not appropriate for mass production. At the same time, the immersion etching speed is slower than spraying etching, so the production efficiency is lower and it is not easy to achieve automatic control.

2. We should choose the right etching method for different shape and size of the workpiece. For large metal products, due to the limitation of equipment, it is difficult to use spraying etching, while the immersing etching will not be affected by the size. The shape of the customized item may be very complicated, whose details may not be sprayed during spraying etching, which will affect the normal progress of etching, while the immersing etching is to immerse the whole metal piece in the etchant, missing etching will not happen while immersing. It can ensure that all parts of the special-shaped item can be filled with etchant and continuously replace old liquid by new, so that the etching process can be carried out normally.

For small and flat or nearly flat item, if conditions permit, spraying etching is superior to immersing etching in terms of efficiency and accuracy. Therefore, the spraying type is the first choice for the flat-shaped workpiece with large batch size; if the product has a large shape, it is difficult to use an etching machine, the shape of the workpiece is complex, and the batch size is not large, immersing etching is appropriate.

What are the processes of metal etching, and the comparison of advantages between metal etching processes, you can find the answers in above content. If you need more knowledge about photo chemical etching, you can contact our online customer service, or you can email us: [email protected], we will be happy to answer all you questions.

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