About Us


KC was founded in 2010 as a manufacturer providing customized photo chemical etching thin metal parts to many different markets, including consummer electronics, automotive and decorative etching.

In the photochemical etching field, technology is one of the most important factors that satisfy customers. KC Etching has always been committing in the technical improvement and dealing with problems during production. Our efforts are paid by streamlined processes, desired quality.

For customer, dimension tolerance is the core quality requirement. We know this matters and never delivered products which are out of tolerance to our customers. In this way, we have accumulated good reputation in the custom metal etching industry and won the businesses from Apple, Samsung, Philips and so on.

We’ve grown with technology, profession, and experience with a wide range of applications, but we do not forget our initial goal and aspirations, customer’s satisfaction has always been the thing we pursuit, which is also the power drives us moving forward.

Our Mission

KC Etching strives to provide customers with photo etching services that meet customer’s design requirement and deadline. It is accomplished by skilled workers through high efficiency and continual improvement at a reasonable and competitive cost. We are customer-centered chemical etching supplier.

Quality Certification

ISO 9001:2020

As an ISO certificated etching manufacturer, we are proud to show it on our web.

ISO 9001 is most widely recognized quality management system in the world. The certification does not only prove one product or service, but prove the vendors’ quality systems.

It proves the enterprise are capable to constantly provide qualified products. Click here to view our certification.

Our Quality Policy

KC Etching implement full inspection for all our etched metal products. Inspection during the chemical etching process will reduce the defective rate. When cleaning the selected material, we will check the surface, no deformation, no scratching.

After developing, a careful inspection will be performed on each metal sheet, to see if there is any missing etching resister or not. This is important step for improving quality. Therewith, the last inspection is not the least,  finished etching parts will be checked tolerance by 250 times magnifier. Our QC will check the appearance before packing.

Why choose us

Cost, Customer Service, Capacity and Quality

There are so many custom metal etching manufacturers all over the world, choosing one for your high precision parts can be a challenge. Maybe the top companies are too much for you, you need to get a perfect balance between cost and quality. Here are the reasons you can work with us.

Since 2010, we’ve strived to provided etching service for Chinese and oversea markets. Cost is one of our advantage to win customers over other etching manufactories, such as those in Europe and North America. It is an undeniable fact that the etching factories in those developed countries are more experienced than us, they started business in 1960s. But, the other fact is higher cost for their products. One reason is much lower expense of labor in China than in developed countries. We can do more things with less human cost, so we can offer more competitive price.

Customer Service with Quick Response

  • Reply quickly
      • All your emails will be replied within 8 hours.
      • Phone calls are always available.
      • Prototyping will be finished in a few days.
  • Salespeople are experts
      • Our sales have been working at etching field for years, some are with 10 years experience, they know anything about etching. You will get timely help from our trained salespeople.

Highest production capacity

There are 5 advanced etching lines in our factory. 100000pcs precision thin metal parts can be finished every day. We can deliver this quantity each day, with full inspection by our auto image measuring apparatus and QC.

Quality Control 

  • We have an image measuring apparatus system to ensure quality control. 
  • The automated system will measure every piece of the manufactured part. Quality control checks are conducted for each project.
  • In-house tooling ensures high precision. We control the process from beginning to the end.
  • We strive to increase the precision for the parts we made.


With over 10 years providing qualified precision parts, we have continually perfected the work we do. We will be your etching partner that you need, you will see from our samples and products.

Additional service we offer



Maybe a flat thin metal part will not satisfy all you needs, sometimes a forming part is required. We are ready to help our customers with our stamping machines. We can form etching parts in house. There are two types of stamping machine, manual stamping for thin and simple forming, large stamping to press thick parts and deep forming.

laser cutting

Laser Cut

We can offer in-house laser cut service as an value-added options for customer. If you need a thick metal parts with fine details, we can etch and then cut it in our factory. The thickest size we can cut is 2mm. You can be assured your parts are as precise as they can be.



Welding is a fabrication process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics, by using high heat to melt the parts together and allowing them to cool, causing fusion. Welding is sometimes necessary for 3D parts. We can offer welding process as an one-stop service.



Plating is necessary for some metal crafts and etching parts like lead frame. There are a lot of plating factories around us, we’ve worked with experienced plating factories for a long time. Available plating includes: nickel, silver, gold , rose gold, tin, anodizing, electrophoresis.