Aluminum Etching

aluminum etching

Aluminum is lightweight silver metal. It is abundantly existing in our planet earth. With the development of aerospace, construction and automotive industries which require unique properties of aluminum and its alloys, aluminum is widely used and play a important role. For example, 70% of the whole supersonic aircraft is made by aluminum and aluminum alloy

There are the following metal features:

1, Aluminum is a kind of metal element with low density, which is only 2.7g/ cm³. So this lightweight feature makes it very popular in aerospace industry. Etching aluminum parts are ideal for it aircrafts and automotive.

2, Good electrical conductivity, next to silver, copper and gold. Although its conductivity is not as good as copper, it is much lighter than copper. so aluminum is still a good choice.

3, Good thermal conductivity. Aluminum can be used to make all kinds of heat exchangers and heat sink.

4, Good ductility. Aluminum can be made into thin sheet as 0.01mm.

5, Corrosion resistance. The exposed aluminum is covered with oxide, which will bring excellent corrosion resistance.

The application of etching aluminum:

This lightweight metal can be etched to produce a wide variety of components for automotive and aerospace industries.


Heat exchanger plates

Heater plates




Encoder disc


What is the difference between copper, stainless steel and aluminum etching?

1, Different etchant, stainless steel and copper are etched by strong acid etchant, aluminum is etched by sodium hydroxide, which is a strong basylous.

2, Different stripper, the stripper for SS & copper is alkali, nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid for aluminum.

3, Different method to deal with the discharged etchant. The one for copper and stainless steel can be reused after extraction of metal, but the etchant after aluminum etching can not be reused, just as sewage to be purified. The aluminum etching process needs more water, so there is more wastewater. Although aluminum is cheaper than copper, etching aluminum is not cheaper than copper etching because of this factor.

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